Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions

ECE is a leading Engineering company which provides comprehensive energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy solutions throughout the World, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies.

ECE’s solutions range from conducting energy audits, providing energy conservation solutions, carrying electrical system study, boiler & furnace tune ups and steam system study. ECE supply, install and commission energy efficient products i.e. LED lights, solar power components, solar panel geysers, 3 star fans, invertor ACs, invertor refrigerators, energy efficient motors and variable speed drivers. ECE also contributes to produce clean, reliable, and affordable energy by delivering solar power projects on turnkey basis.

LED Lights

We are the only supplier in Pakistan who provides all the LED products with luminous efficiency not less than 100 lm/W and power factor greater than 0.9. Hence,we offer cutting edge solution by generating light with maximum efficiency and minimum losses.

Energy Star Fans

Our Energy Star ceiling fans are 60% more efficient than non-certified fans. A state of the art blade design and efficient motors reduce the watts consumed per hour when the fan is in use.

Solar Power Generation

We use solar photovoltaic (pv) modules in generating electricity from sunlight at affordable cost and cut greenhouse emissions, through reducing the fossil fuel generation.