Electrical System Study

A power systems study is made up of various engineering analysis investigations. The goal of each is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for your facility under both normal and abnormal conditions.

These extensive system studies include:

  • Electrical Distribution Assessments (to discover what is going wrong)
  • Electrical Load Monitoring
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Time-Current Coordination
  • Power Factor Correction (to reduce surcharges)
  • Motor Starting Analysis
  • Motor Torque/Speed/Acceleration Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Load Flow
  • Grounding and Bonding Analysis (for safety, to prevent ground-loops, to reduce dust explosions)
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Lightning Protection

As an outcome of above studies, our clients shell be furnished with:

  • Technical information about your system under normal and fault conditions.
  • Opportunities to reduce demand and energy costs.
  • Reports highlighting problem areas.
  • Recommendations on solutions and equipment to system-wide problems.
  • Information on how and where energy is being used (electrical bills do not break it down to this level).
  • Reassurance of protective device r
  • Help to avoid damage and injuries.
  • Knowledge of the effects of harmonics and transients.